February 21, 2010

More Personal Relationship with the Savior - Updated

Edited - Updated the quote. I had the quote on the second page by President Monson, but it was by Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi from August 2009 Opening he Heavens talk.

I came across yet another blog on behalf of the "next" button. I can't tell you how much I LOVE this button.
Anyhow, I saw this idea and I loved it so much, that I was inspired to make these notebooks for my Visiting Teaching gifts for my Sisters for February.  I made a few little changes to make this a little more personalized for my needs. The Beehive Messages blog where I got the idea from, said her Sister attended a Relief Society activity where this was used as a getting to know you activity. Here is what the original that I saw looked like:

This project was very minimal in cost and time to create. If you are interested in making one for yourself or as a gift, this is what you will need:

Steno Notebook. I got a 3 pack with 50 pages each at Walmart for about $3.75.
Rubber Cement for crafting, the wrinkle free kind
Needle Nose pliers or crafting pliers
A print out of the following three photos:
Above is the front cover

Above is the inside cover

above are the questions

The photos are formated to be printed in the center of a standard 8.5"x11" sheet of paper, but they are 6"x9"
You can right click on the image to save to your computer then print at home or take to your local copy shop to have printed on cardstock. I had several other things that I had printed, but I think it cost me about $1 per page for each of the printouts. So you have roughly $4 or $5 into each notebook.

To begin with, I took the pliers and loosened both ends on the spiral spring. I then removed the spring from the notebook. I cut the front cover to size and put rubber cement on the back of it and lined it up to the front cover of the notebook. I then took my pliers, they are crafting pliers and so they have rounded tips, and I put the holes in the paper where the spring goes through.

For the inside cover, I did the same thing, but I put the paper upside down, so when you open the front cover, it is right side up. See...


After the glue dried, I took some sand paper and ran it across where I had made the holes for the spring to go through and along all four edges of the notebook to make sure that nothing got snagged and everything was flush.

I then took the back cover as a guide and cut out the questions page, leaving enough room on the top of the photo for the holes for the spring. I then used the pliers to make the holes for this page too.

The questions page isn't glued to anything, it is just put right after the front cover.

I then layered the back cover then the notebook papers, the questions page then the front cover and put the spring back on and closed both ends.

Thats how simple it was. I think they turned out really great. I made three total, one for both of my Sisters, and one for me.

I hope this inspires you to create a more personal relationship with the Savior!


  1. Greg Olsen White as snow picture was found here http://media.photobucket.com/image/white%20as%20snow%20greg%20olsen/shaunanilsson/whiteassnow.jpg?o=1

  2. do you have pdf's you can post that we can click and print?

    1. I don't have a PDF, but you can right click on the images and save them to your computer to print.

      It has been brought to my attention that the quote isn't by President Monson, but is actually from Elder Yoshihiki Kikuxhi (http://lds.org/ensign/2009/08/opening-the-heavens?lang=eng&noLang=true&path=/ensign/2009/08/opening-the-heavens)

      I will try to find the file and get it updated and upload the corrected version. We just moved and it's in a box somewhere.