January 26, 2012

Baby Weston and Momma Katie

Hey everyone, I thought it would be easier to post about Katie and Weston here so everyone can see. Katie had Weston on Saturday January 14th at 1:32 am. He was 6 lbs and 19.75". He was about 3 weeks early, but that was planned. Aside from his gastroschisis, he was perfectly healthy and as handsome as could be. Katie is doing great. She has recovered quickly and is staying at an apartment near the hospital until he is released to go home.

He is doing really good. He has been peeing all over anyone that is brave enough to change him and his bowels are starting to work. There is still a lot that awaits him and he won't be released for a few more weeks, but he is doing really good.

There is some concern about his arms as he only seems to be moving them at the shoulders. They have taken ultrasounds and the left arm showed up a little suspicious so they did an x-ray. Unfortunately, it's very difficult to tell on babies. They aren't sure if it is a fracture or a dislocation or just exactly what's wrong, but they don't want to worry about it too much until his bowels are taken care of. They plan to do a full skeletal x-ray soon.

Now, off to some pictures :)

I thought I'd start off with the pictures that she took of her pregnancy. I don't know the dates, but they are in order (I think).

Getting ready to head to the hospital

Here are some maternity pictures that Katie had taken by Henery's sister.

Now, on to the good stuff :) Here are some pictures. probably not in very good order, of baby Weston.

Just minutes old

Video of Weston

IV taken out of head

First family picture 

Has same birthmark as Mommy did when she was born

First day

Holding daddy's hand

Second day after first reduction (about 1/2 of the bowels put back in)

Day four after third reduction

After last reduction before surgery

Day after surgery 

I can be held :) YAY!!!!!

Look, I can wear clothes!!!!

Upgraded to a big boy crib! 


  1. Is this your sister? Bless her heart! That would be heartbreaking to see your sweet baby go through all that. He's sure a cute little guy :) I will remember them in my prayers.

  2. Yes, this is my little sister, the baby of the family :) She is so strong. Thank you for your prayers. He still has quite a journey ahead of him, but is doing really good. He is a strong little boy, just like his mommy!