February 24, 2010

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning under your bed!

Problem solved!

Here is yet another new blog :O)  As Wheezy from Dragon Tales says "LLLOOOOVE IT".

So I came across the blog Knock-Off Wood and saw this picture of the Pottery Barn Stratton bed...

I really like Pottery Barn products, but don't love the prices. I own a sheet set from Pottery Barn, but they were a bargain find, not something that I purchased directly. I do really like them, but can't seem to justify spending THAT much money. Yes, I am CHEAP! And thats okay! 

So, when I came across this post on how to build the bed yourself, I got pretty excited! I think that this is something I may do this Summer. I have really wanted a bed with storage underneath and have priced them and let's just say I'm not a fan of the $1000-$3000 price tag! 

There are so many other awesome projects that she has plans online for that I may be doing a little building this year. I love to build things. Let's just hope that the budget will allow it!

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