February 25, 2010

Apple Blossoms

I bought the stuff to make these for Christmas when our family was here, but never got to it. I decided that this would be a great dessert to go with the bbq ribs pizza we had for dinner. That, and I got tired of moving the puff pastry box around in the freezer... I was pretty shocked to see that it was still intact when I opened the box.

This is such a super easy recipe to make. The hardest part for me was waiting the 40 minutes for the pastry sheet to thaw.

For the blossom:
You will need puff pastry sheets, I like pepperidge farms
your choice of pie filling - small can
egg wash - one beaten egg and a splash of water
some sugar and some brown sugar

For the icing:
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanialla
1 Tbsp milk
(you can also substitute any flavor yogut for the milk)

Ok, so here we go let's get the party started. First things first, thaw out your pastry puff sheets. This takes a lot of time, so if you are planning on having these for dinner, take them out and let them thaw while you prepare dinner. They take at least 30-40 min. You can follow the directions on the package on how to thaw.

After the pastry sheet has thawed, cut the sheet into thirds on the fold lines. then cut each sheet into thirds again. You will have 9 squares from one sheet. You can cut to any size you want as long as it's square like.

Place 1 tablespoon of pie filling  in the center of each square. For the apple, I added a little of my favorite spices like I would if I were making apple pie. It doesn't look like much filling, but you don't want to put more than 1 tablespoon in because it will overflow.

Now you want to take opposite corners and pull up to the center and pinch then bring the other opposite corners and pinch together at the top. Pinch two of the four openings closed so you have a vent while they are cooking. Place on a silpat lined pan. If you don't have a silpat, you can use parchment paper or just grease your pan lightly.

Brush the blossom with your egg wash then sprinkle each with a pinch of sugar and a pinch of brown sugar to your likeing.

Bake at 375 for 15-20 minutes until golden brown and bubbly.

While they are baking, mix the powdered sugar, vanialla and milk or yogurt until smooth.

Immediatley drizzle with icing and serve. Great with vanilla ice cream or coolwhip!

Enjoy :O)

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