February 21, 2010

Book Review Max Lucado's Antonio Meets His Match

This is the first Max Lucado video I have ever seen. I am a huge fan of his books and was excited to receive this in the mail and watch it. I put it in for my 3 year old and I was surprised that it didn't hold his attention. I however, absolutley loved it. The story, the animation and the characters. I found it to be a great DVD and will be playing it for him again in the near future.

I loved how it focused on being neighborly and accepting others no matter how different. I will reccomend this video for a gift for any child. I think adults would enjoy watching it with their children as well.

This is a great video for home, Grandparent's, in the car, as a gift or just because.

You can purchase a copy of Antonio Meets His Match DVD from Thomas Nelson Publishers for $14.99.

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