September 1, 2009

New address

So on a lighter note now, I do have happier news. I finished the layout of the house.... again!!! If you remember the first layout, the house was facing the South. Now, we have decided that we will buy the lot behind us and so we have changed the house to face the West. We weren't sure if the owner would hold the lot for us until we could pay him, but we talked him into it :O)
I am glad that we haden't already turned in our plans for inspection prior to hearing that he would hold the lot for us. So we officially have an address.... well, I can't say officially yet, the Inspector has to approve my plans first. So lets all hope that he doesn't have a bad day, and that he likes my cute little blueprint rather than hand drawn on a carbon copy paper.
The rectangle around the house is the room after the setback requirements. Even though the lot is fairly big, you have to have the house setback from the front, back and sides so much that the area inside the rectangle is all I had left to work with.
The setback requirements are as follows:
25' from the front of the property line (not the road.... the surveyed property line)
6' from each side of the property line
20' from the back of the property line
This gave me 7' to work with placement vertically and like 50' to work with horizontally after figuring in a "hopefull" future garage.

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