September 2, 2009

Good Morning tired boy...

Kooper woke up this morning, came out into the kitchen and this is how it went:

Kooper: mom fiss kookies....
me: no not for breakfast, how about some oatmeal!
Kooper: no fiss kookies....
me: were out of fish cookies, how about oatmeal!
Kooper: waffles!
me: out of waffles! How about some oatmeal!
Kooper: no Mom! fiss kookies!
me: out of fish cookies, how about cereal
Kooper: Yeah!
me: what kind would you like (showing him his options... cheerios, captin crunch, lucky charms, corn flakes, life)
Kooper: no mom! no! me (pointing up to the cereal cupboard)
Me:ok (lifting him up to the options)
Kooper: no.... (opens up the other cupboard door) purple mom purple
Me: Oatmeal!!!!
Kooper: YEAH!!!!!

So I fix him his oatmeal and it's too hot at first:

Kooper: hot mom hot
me: would you like me to put it in the freezer to cool it down?
Kooper: yes mommy
me: ok bud
so I put it in the freezer.... about 20 seconds later
Kooper: mom... mom... hot mom hot....
me: it's in the freezer bud
Kooper: hot mom hot hot hot out
me: you want it out?
Kooper: yes mommy
So i get the oatmeal out of the freezer put it in front of him tell him it's still hot but to try it
Kooper: no mom... hot hot hot
me: I know it's hot bud, you have to blow on it....
Kooper: no hot mom.... (pointing to the microwave)
me: you want me to microwave it?
Kooper: YEAH!

the impposibilities of pleasing a 2 year old! If it's not my idea, I don't want it.... Until I decide I do! It's too hot... 20 seconds in the freezer is too long mom!!!! Make it hot again!

I love being a Mom! :O)

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  1. that is just darling, i don't think they ever grow out of it either kids just want to be there own idea. Love the house plans hope everything is going good.