August 29, 2009

The Carnivile

Darin took Kooper and I to the Carnivile tonight and we had so much fun. It was the last night that it was in town and he was able to get off a little early so we decided to go splurge and have some fun. We got 40 tickets and went riding.... First Darin took Kooper on the helicoptors. We almost let him go by himself, but decided that since there weren't very many people that Dad would ride with him. He had so much fun. Watching the "Kids" on the rides. Kooper calls everyone Kid.... He has to say hello to all the kids and bye to all the kids. I will post videos later of Kooper at the Carnivile saying hello to the kids.Here Kooper is riding the Red car... He is too cute. He said he wanted to ride in the Red car and then tried climbing into the Green car, only to realize it wasn't Red! He had soooo much fun on this ride, until about 1/2 way through then he didn't seem to like it AT ALL!!! But then with a little coaching from Dad and Mom, he was having fun again. The car has four steering wheels two in front and two in back. Kooper coudln't decide which one he wanted to steer. At one point, I think he was steering both!Here is Kooper riding on the Merry Go Round. He didn't like the Merry Go Round the very first time he rode it, but he was not quite a year old. Since then he has ridden it a few times and I think he really likes it a lot! He kept telling the horse giddy up giddy up and kicking it in the flanks.

I will post videos later, but right after the Merry Go Round, we went to ride the Ferris Wheel. I was kinda worried that Kooper wouldn't want to ride it or would freak out when we were in the air. Darin kept asking Kooper if he wanted to go high, and Kooper would respond "Yeah Dad... High.... High Daddy High. So we took him on it.

Turned out, that Darin and I had the issues and Kooper loved it! Hekept saying "Hi Kids!!! Hi Kids!!!" He is so funny. I got some cute video of it. I didn't get any pictures because I didn't want to take the camera up with me so when I went to the car to get Kooper's coat, I left it there.

After the Ferris Wheel, we went and played the boat game.... Pick a boat and the color on the bottom determines the prize you win. I usually don't like playing any of the games because I feel like they are nothing but a waste of money. However, they had some pretty cool blow up hammers, and it was a win no matter what game, so I didn't feel so bad about spending a few bucks for Kooper to get some fair memorabilia. He got this really cool blow up hammer that has a squeeky toy in the head of the hammer and it's about as tall as him. Then he got an american flag blow up gun that is about the same size and a blow up sword. He loves the hammer most of all. I will post some videos of him "banging" with his hammer.

Kooper loves Handy Manny and I think he will wear out the hammer so fast. We should have asked them if we could just get 3 blow up hammers.... lol.

Better get off and go to bed. Have to get up early and go to church tomorrow. Darin even said that he would go with us. We will see, but that would be pretty cool.

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