August 29, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Here is another layout that I just finished. It's of the playdates at the park on the 14th of Aug. Kooper doesn't really like swings, so I'm surprised I got a shot of him similing!!!

We are headed to the carnival tonight. I am just getting ready to give Kooper a bath and get him ready! Darin is getting off early tonight!!! YEAH!


  1. that is darling, those swings look fun. u really should skip the bath and give him one when u get home. that is too funny u digging holes and there was no sewer, i guess u got a good workout. lol

  2. Thanks :O) Yeah the swings are pretty cool. I like that they hold the kids in better. You can put a baby in there and not really worry about them like you do in the diaper/harness looking swings.

    I had plenty of time to give Kooper a bath, Darin didn't get home for like another 2 hours and I knew he would be pooped out by the time we got home.... I was right. He was so tired, almost went right to bed.

    I was really hoping that there would be a sewer so that we didn't have to pay to have one connected to the city sewer. It's going to be a lot more than we ever expected. But I suppose it always is. All in all about an extra $6000 more. We didn't really know what to expect either, so I guess we are just hoping at this point that the appraisal comes back similar or more than what we are financing because we have exhausted all our money into this. Hopefully we will find out soon!

  3. way cute layout..I haven't done any more layouts..just keep downloading stuff!!!! one of these days I will do more pages...

  4. I downloaded things for like 3 months before I even did one layout. It took me FOREVER to actually do some. To busy downloading.... lol