July 30, 2009

Kooper's Sock

So I went to Walmart to get Darin stuff for his lunches and Kooper didn't want to go... He says "no I stay at house!" So I left and went by myself. When I got home, Kooper was asleep on the couch. He is wearing shorts and he has one sock on and one sock off... Nothing too funny about this right... Well, it wasn't his sock he had on. It was mine! I had to take a picture. Too freaking cute.
He puts my socks on all the time. I never get the chance to take a picture cuz he never seems to sit still long enough or to keep them on long enough. He is always putting them on then taking them off again. By the time I break the camera out, there off again. By the time I put it back up, there on again... It's a vicious cycle that I can't ever seem to capture!

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