July 30, 2009

Pictures on my cell phone

So everyonce in a while I clean out the pictures on my cell phone. I have soooo many silly ones. Here are some of my favorites that I thought I would share with you. Some of these are pretty old and some are new. Enjoy.... and remember... these are from my cell phone so the quality isn't always the greatest. Also, some of these were taken with my old phone... so the quality really isn't very great on those! K you've been forewarned!
First, here is a set of pictures of some greeting cards... yes, greeting cards, don't be decieved, that I thought were pretty funny.

inside: one of these days, THE EXHAUSED MOM LOOK WILL BE "IN" and we'll be on magazine covers!


Inside: ROAD TRIP!

Inside: ThERE'LL BE SCREaMing iN thE bacKgROUND, I'LL have to hidE iN a cloSEt to hEaR you... it'LL BE aWEsoME.

Second set, a few of my fav pics of Kooper.

The other day Darin, Kooper and I went to get a few errands done and Kooper wouldn't leave the house without his puppy dog Halloween costume. He loves to dress up in it now. He didn't want a single thing to do with it on Hallowwen... Everyone thinks it's just the cutest thing when he wears it. We had to go to the pharmacy and the girls there all loved it. He even does sound effects. He breathes like a dog does then says woof woof... it's too freaking cute.

I took this picture forever ago when Kooper was just almost a year old. We were shopping in Walmart in Rock Springs. I love this coat. We have handed it down to cousin Spencer. We got Koopers hair cut the very next day. It looks really wild because we just took off his hat.

Ohhh my little boy has grown up sooo much.... I love this suit!

I love this picture too... He used to have fat little cheeks. Then he grew into them.

Here are some pictures that I got in a text message that made me laugh....

Redneck Christmas Tree!

If you can't read the back of the bus it says "Ready to quit?"

Ha Ha Ha too funny!

Ummm... sooooo... aaaaahhhh... where's the entrance then? I'm confused!

And here are a few pictures that I took on my cell phone the day after the tornado hit Dickinson.
this is what is left of the flower shop and greenhouse. It ripped all the plastic stuff off the greenhouses... There were like 3 other greenhouses next to this one.

Here is one of the MANY trees that were uprooted. At least one per block were uprooted or tipped almost all the way over.

you can't really see in this picture, but it took the roof off the WHOLE house, left only the beams and demolished all of the garage of this house.

this house lost the WHOLE roof too. No frame left at all! Took it all
And here is our house litterally an hour or two before the tornado. We took some pictures went and talked to them for a few min about the house then went to Belfield to get the Uhaul when the weather took a change for the worse. Luckily, we stayed in Belfield that night and missed all the excitment!

And here is a picture of the HUGE slide that I was sooo sure Kooper wouldn't want to go down because he is afraid of slides.... Boy was I wrong... He LOVED it. I have come to the conclusion that he doesn't like slides because they just aren't fun enough for him!

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  1. good pictures, and funny text messages. love kooper's hair and dog costume wait until they get in the super hero thing.