July 26, 2009

All but four and seven!

Kooper is growing so fast, he is learning so much. It's so amazing how much he knows! Over the past year I have done simple little things like count the steps as we go up them, state shapes and colors and numbers and letters. It is so amazing how he absorbs it like a sponge! Tonight after Darin got homefrom work, Kooper sat at the table with him while he ate dinner and I told Kooper to count for Dad. He started out... One, TWO! Yeah, then clapped his hands. Then he said... One... Two... One... Yeah and clapped again. Then he says... One, two, free, fives, six, ate, nine, en! Yeah Daddy and clapped his hands. He always skips over four and seven! Every time I try to correct him to say three, four, he says three after me then I say four then he says FIVE! Same with seven. He knows what comes after and before, he just wong say them while he counts!

He does the same thing with four when he counts with his fingers. He will hold up a finger for each number until he gets to four, he skips it and goes straight to five! I will have to get a video of it to post, it is too funny to watch!

He has been telling me all the shapes around the house and in the car and stores... Well everywhere we go really! His favorite shapes are circles and hearts. He loves to draw circles and short little lines. But loves to point out heart shapes. He also knows square, rectangle, triangle and diamond shapes. Sometimes he will say oval, but it's usually referred to as a circle.

He is getting to be such a big boy now. Now if he would only start potty training again! He was doing so well but wants nothing to do with the potty anymore! It could have something to do with the move and all the chaos that has been going on the past little while too. Maybe when were all settled down again he will gain his interest back in it again. Who knows... I suppose all we can do is be ready when he is!


  1. Kendall did the same thing, but now will count the right way. He is such a stubborn child. your such a good mom to take the time and teach him any more mom just leave it up the the school to do.

  2. I think education is so important. When I worked at the college in the Children's Center, you could tell difference between the kids who's parents had worked with them and who's hadent. I think it's important that Kooper have a desire to always learn new things and I think that you have to plant the seed while they are young. I am hoping that it takes root. He is such a smart little boy. He has so much energy. I need to divert it into postive things like learning and education.