June 9, 2009

Photos coming soon.....

Well, Darin and I decided to go to North Dakota to check out the job prospects. We left Saturday morning and went to Rapid City, SD and spent the night. We visited with some friends that live there. The next morning we deiced to go to Mt. Rushmore, however, it was so foggy, that you could only see George Washington so we didn't get to see much. I will post the pictures so you can see.

We then decided to go up further and visit Crazy Horse. It was really foggy and you couldn't see it at first, but then the fog lifted a little and you could see it really well.

We were still unable to see Mt. Rushmore though. The fog never lifted from it.

We then took Kooper to this park called Storyland Park (I think) and it was sooooo awesome. I will post lots of pictures. It has the coolest depictions of all the fairy tales like Jack and the Beanstalk, Cinderella, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pirate Ship, The Old Woman in the Show, Robin Hood, Noha's Ark, a huge Treehouse and so much much more. Kooper had such a fun time. It took at least a hour and a half to go through and we hurried. I wish we could have spent more time, but we had to get going.... we still had another 5 hour drive.

We left for Williston and ran into a big rainstorm. We had to really drive slow because the ruts in the road were filled with water we started hydroplaning. Good thing Darin is such a good driver.

Kooper got car sick and threw up around Watford City an hour away from Williston. We go there around eleven MST... it was actually midnight there because of the time change. They are a hour ahead. We checked into the motel and lucky for us, they had a washer and dryer service there. Kooper was so wound up after I gave him a bath and cleaned out his car seat, he didn't go to bed for another 2 hours.

After Darin's interview the next morning, we went to look for houseing in case he got a job. That was about a joke. There is NOTHING for rent in that town. We found one house that was for rent for $700 a month but it was soooo small I don't think it was only one bed one bath and it was not in very good shape. I think thats why it was still for rent. All the apartments there had a waiting list of at least 20 or more people waiting.

We spent the night again and left for Belfield, ND the next morning. Darin had another interview with a company there at eleven. Kooper and I hung out at the Truck Stop while Darin went to his interview. Then we headed for Gillette. We will head for home in the morning. It has been a fun trip, but I think we are all ready to be home.

I will post pictures when I get home. I don't have many of the whole trip, just of Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse and the park in Rapid City, but it has been a fun/long trip.

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