March 22, 2013

How time flies....

My, how it goes quick.... I was just thinking about the last time that I updated my blog. I didn't realize it's been a year! I was thinking of all the things that have passed by that I should be updating but haven't. So much to do and so little time to do it all.

I don't have any promises that I'm going to post more or even look at my blog any more that I already do, but I will do an update!

Koop is loving school, he got glasses, is learning to read so quickly that it makes my head spin. How a child could go from hating anything to do with books to LOVING them (literally hated books. I would grab a book to read to him as young as I can remember and he would cry like someone was pinching him. I couldn't read him a book if I tried. He would look at the picture books but wanted nothing to do with actually reading one of them).

He is friends with all the kids in class - there are now 17 kids in his class. His teacher is awesome. We love her. He has show and tell on Tuesdays and has never missed a single one. He loves show and tell.

He just had his tubes removed - they have stuck around for a little bit.... 3 years to be exact! It was definitely time to have them taken out. They usually fall out on there own, but these ones were a little more heavy duty than the normal ones so they stuck around till we had to evict them. It was a little hard for us to have to send him back into surgery, but he's a champ and came through it well. He is recovering but got a cold the day we came home from the hospital (darn hospital... I swear you get sick just standing within 50 feet of it). His nose is stuffed up so bad and the worst part is he can't blow his nose for at least a month!!! They put paper patches on his ears to help the holes heal and any amount of pressure can blow them off so he can't blow his nose in risk of the patches falling off :( poor little guy. He is such a champ. I've been using the good ole nose bulb to suck out the junk. It's awful I tell you. I think I hate it more than he does!

We lost a truck and trailer in Dec. Darin's brother was driving to location with a load of water on and dropped a tire off the shoulder and over corrected. He rolled the truck and trailer 1 1/2 times. He's pretty lucky to be alive. We are all still a little shocked that he walked away from it with only a few scratches and 4 broken vertebras in his back. The Dr. thinks he may have torn a muscle in his hand too. Still, very minor compared to what it could have been. Someone is definitely watching over him. His poor guardian angel doesn't get much rest!

Luckily, we have good insurance and a second truck. The trailer was replaced quickly but we decided not to replace the semi. Things have been slow and a month off work hasn't helped. We are hoping things pick up and we can get back into the groove of things.

I suppose there is much more, but alas, my time is up. I will try to post more often, but no guarantees.

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