May 20, 2011

Message to Dagwood...

We went to Idaho and while we were on our way, Kooper mentioned that he missed Dagwood, our cat. He was worried about her being sad and lonely because our other cat Karma passed away recently. I told him that we could call her and he said, "What's hers number?" I sure love him, he is such a caring little guy. I told him her number was our phone number and that she wouldn't answer the phone, but she could hear us leave her a message on the answering machine. He thought that would be a good idea. Here is the message he left her on the answering machine:

Kooper: Hi Dagwood, we miss you and we can't, and we can't find ours way back home. 
Darin: We can't find our way back home?
Kooper: Huh uh
Darin: Oh yes we can.
Kooper: But it's so far away.
Darin: You tell Dagwood we'll see her in 2 or 3 days.
Kooper: We'll see ya six ninety days!
Me: Love you Dagwood bye
Kooper: love you too Dagwood bye
Darin: Bye Dagwood, Love you 
Kooper: And don't eat my toys! All of em. ALLLL of my toys!

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