March 21, 2011

Conversations with Grandma

Kooper recieved his first set of Lincoln Logs from his Grandma Saturday. Kooper called Grandma to tell her thank you and as Kooper was telling Grandma bye, Grandma says "I love you to pieces Kooper", Kooper replies "I love you four pieces Grandma!"

He surely never fails to surprise me, he is always coming up with the funniest things.

I don't know why we haven't gotten him Lincoln Logs before, he has had a fun time playing with them. He has me build the houses while he plays with the train that came with it. It sure is a neat set. Now we just have to remember to turn on a light when we walk through the house at night :)

Nothing worse then tripping on a pile of Lincoln Logs in the middle of the night!

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