February 10, 2011

Fire... UPDATED with pictures

I got a call this afternoon from my mother-in-law saying that my brother-in-laws house was on fire. Darin's brother Tod and his wife live next to his parents. Nobody was hurt and all of their animals are safe, however, pretty much everything was lost. There was a small section of the house that didn't get damaged too badly, but really, they lost everything.

Their pipes had froze and they had a heater underneath the trailer to thaw them out, they moved the heater and it threw a spark and ignited a piece of insulation and spread from there. They live some 15 or so miles out of Rigby and so it took the fire department a while to get to them to put the fire out.

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Luckily nobody was hurt physically, but they have lost everything. Their clothes they had on were also damaged and so they literally don't even have the clothes on their back.

Unfortunately, they didn't have insurance on the house. The church has stepped in to help however they can, but more than anything, they need prayers.

Here are some picture of the house:

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  1. So sorry to hear this. They will be in our prayers.