February 17, 2011

Conversation with Grandpa

Kooper was talking to my Dad on the phone today. This is how the conversation went:

Grandpa: What are ya doing Kooper?

Kooper: Oh nothing, just watching outerspace leapfrog movie. Did you used to watch outerspace leapfrog when you were a kid my age Grandpa?

Grandpa: (didn't understand what he said) yep, used to watch t.v. when I was a kid your age.

Me: Kooper, ask Grandpa if there was color t.v. when he was a kid your age.

Kooper: Grandpa, was there color t.v. when you were a kid my age?

Grandpa: Nope, we could only watch cartoons in black and white. Can you believe that we only had black and white t.v.?

Kooper: Naaah.... no way Grandpa! Only black and white. Thats crazy!

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