November 3, 2010

"Mommy dear I love you so, your happy smiling face
Is such a joy to look at, it makes home a happy place."

While vacuuming the house this evening, stewing in my anger, I hear Kooper singing this song to me.

My heart instantly smiled and then it crept its way up to my face.

I instantly thought about how my often negative attitude and stewfull scowl are not so joyful to look at and too often make our home a not so happy place.

When I get irritated or mad, I tend to clean and cook a lot more and I do it LOUDLY.

If you ever come to our house and you hear pots and pans banging, dishes clanking and cabinet doors slamming, you know I am cooking up a storm and either run or grab your fork :)

Darin learned this early on in our relationship. I swear he used to infuriate me only when he was hungry!

So I got to thinking about how I need to have a better attitude and its okay to get irritated and upset, that's going to happen. But I need to not stew on things so much and I need to let go of the frustration.

I need to focus more on having a "happy smiling face" that makes our home a happier place. Not just a well fed and cleaner place.
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