September 7, 2010

A Visiting Teacher....

A - A calling from God.

V - Visiting Teaching can be a wonderful experience if you…
I - Invite the Spirit of God to go with you through prayer.
S - Say only kind word in the home of those you visit and…
I - Inspire the sisters by being a good example.
T - Teach the message the Lord wants each sister to receive.
I - Invite each one to attend Relief Society.
N - Never take your troubles into the homes of those you visit.
G - Gossip should not be allowed or encouraged.

T - True love to give to your fellow sister.
E - Each visiting teach can be friend
A - Always check in during the first part of the month.
C - Consider yourself a teacher and…
H - Honor the call that is yours
E - Enjoy your companion and sisters and the…
R - Rewards will be great

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