September 22, 2010


Seems that this month has flown by. I have lots to do and don't want to do much of anything that NEEDS to be done :(

Heres a quick laugh for you, courtesey of Kooper. We took the cats to the vet on Tuesday. Earlier that day, Kooper told Darin he wanted a dog. Darin said we would see what happened and that eventually we would get one, but we had to find the right one. While at the vets office waiting for our turn, Kooper flipped through a scrapbook of animals treated at the vets office. He came across a picture of a bull and said "Dad, I want a bull!" they talked a bit about having a pet bull then Kooper said "but I would get bucked off a bull" Darin said why's that Kooper and he replied "because they don't have seatbelts!" What a character. He said it so matter of factly too. Like DUH!

We have been keeping busy around here and are excited to be visiting family soon.... I am so excited. We are going to Montana for my Grandparent's 60th Anniversary (yep you read that right, SIXTY YEARS) and plus, we get to see the two newest additions. Tierrah, Rhett and Teresas new baby girl and Angus, my cousin Jamie and her husband Johns first baby.

We wont be able to stay only a couple of days :( sniff sniff, but it will be good to see everyone and spend some time with them.

After we visit Montana, we will head to Idaho for a couple of days as well. It's only 4 hours from Montana to go home :) Much nicer than the 10 hour drive so we might as well go since we are so close.

We have SOOOOO many people that we have to see/visit and spend time with. I hope we can see everyone, but I don't know.

We found out yesterday that Darin is going to be a grandpa... yep, I will be a step-grandma... kinda crazy to think about :) Abbey is 7 weeks along. She was kinda completly surprised by this and it wasn't exactly what she wanted, but I have faith that things will work out and she will be okay. She has a lot of people that will support her. She says she would like to keep it and we will support her no matter what she decides.

I have lots to do so I guess I had better get to getting things done. Maybe some sleep tonight! Hopefully some good sleep.

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