September 17, 2010

Prayers and Hot Dogs

Kooper likes to pray at mealtime, which I absolutley love, but thats beside the point. The other day, he said prayer at lunch and it was so cute. He says: "Heavenly Father, please bless ours family, please bless ours hot wheels, please bless ours stuff, please bless ours friends and please bless ours toes. Amen." The next day went similar, friends, hot wheels, he actually managed to get food in there, along with the couch and the forks. We need to appreciate things more. Like not having to eat with our fingers and having somewhere to watch tv :) I sure love him and his cuteness!

We were leaving the house and Kooper had been wanting hot dogs. I told him next time we went to the store, we would get him some. He gets in his car seat and gets buckled in and while Darin is getting in the car, Kooper says "Daddy, do you love hot dogs like I love hot dogs?" Darin says of course I do son. Kooper then looks at the trees and says "I wish we had a hot dog tree!"

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