May 28, 2010

Pictures - lots of em

Well, it's been a while since I have posted anything. We have been busy now that Summer has showed up :O) Here are some pictures... enjoy!

Kooper taking his baloon glove for a ride in the stroller

high 5!

the trees are blooming

row of 32 green ash trees on the North side of the house

Excited to see Dad

Kooper riding his bike

he is such a big boy, he fell on the way back to the house and didn't cry at all

here are a bunch of pictures that I took of the sunset

Kooper in his new cowboy hat

The following pictures are of a train of mules and wagons that are from Lincoln and were stopped on Main Street in Belfield. They are on their way to Custers Battle Site in Montana for the re-inactment of Custers Last Stand. There is a little historical site about Custers Trail on Main Street that I think they were stopping at, or, they just stopped at the bar for a meal and a drink! Who knows. They do have some pretty darn good food at the bar! The mules were very photogenic... I think they liked having their picture taken :o)

This is a old firetruck that I believe they are going to restore. It is pretty cool looking.

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