May 16, 2010

Beautiful Day!

Today was just an absolutley beautiful day. Kooper and I got up, showered and went to Church. I was called Friday and asked if I would teach the CTR 5&6 class which is about 8 kids if everyone shows up, but only 4 were there today, 3 of which were girls. They are really good kids and I had a great time teaching them. The girls sure had a lot of great things to say and lots of questions, Liam, the only boy, poor thing, didn't say much. He was really good throughout the whole class as well though.

After church, we came home and changed clothes and Kooper played while I did some yard work and then we went to the park and played, came home and fed Darin and spent some time with him outside before he had to leave for work. After Darin went to work, Kooper made Kalli (the neighbor girl down the road) a birthday card and we went over to her house and hung out with them for a while. He had so much fun playing with the kids. We came home and he took a bath and then crashed. Poor thing. He was so tired.

It was so beautiful today and we enjoyed every second of it that we could. It got to about 85 degrees today and there wasn't any wind at all. I didn't have any shorts so I decided to butcher a pair of pants that I have had sitting in a drawer for a while that were ripped on one of the cuffs of the pant legs. I didn't do a great job, but they turned out decent enough.

I am hoping that tomorrow is another beautiful day. We have to take the truck in to get a service and new brakes. Then we have an appointment with the accountant at 3. I would like to see if we can get the vinyl done tomorrow as well. It would be nice to have our name on the side of the truck.  All we have right now is a piece of paper that I printed off on the computer that says "D & K Trucking" in big black letters that has been taped on with packing tape. It has been wet a few times and the ink is starting to run. It would look so much better to finally get the vinyl we ordered two months ago on. Darin has just been busy and we can't seem to meet up with the vinyl guy to put it on.

Well, I suppose I had better try to hit the hay so that I can get up early and get things done. I am pooped out from chasing Kooper all day and if tomorrow is as nice as today, I will be just as pooped at the end of it too.

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