March 10, 2010

My BIG little boy!

This morning, we had an early morning doctor appointment and then a full day of running here and there, and go figure this would be the day that Kooper decides that he wants to wear big boy undies. Don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic that he WANTS to wear undies, because whenever I try to put them on he runs and yells no Mom, diaper... and, the last time we ventured from home with big boys on, which granted was the very first time, we did pretty good, but ended up having an accident because he was too busy to tell us he had to go potty. So, we put them on and took extra clothes with us. 

I am so proud of my little guy. He went ALL day with out a potty accident. He went from the doctors office, to the restaurant, to Killdeer and back to Dickinson, back to the doctors office, to another appointment and a few stops in-between. He even took a nap in the car and woke up accident free!

When we got home, he continued with the big boys and did really really good, until, he pooped. He said the he had to go and I went to take him to the potty and he wanted Darin to take him and yeah, between Darin not being able to take him and Kooper getting mad at me trying to take him, he pooped. But, we got new big boys on, and he is still wearing them. I will put him in a diaper still at night, but I am really really proud of him.

He does really really good when we are at home and I let him run around naked, but as soon as I put undies on him, he must think that it's "okay" to go potty in them. I don't know if he gets too into what he's doing to stop and go, or if he just forgets that he isn't wearing a diaper, but about 1/2 the time, he will have an accident. 

So proud of him and glad that HE has decided that he wants to wear them!

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