January 11, 2010

What a day

So I can pat myself on the back... YEAH.. I got my Visiting Teaching done this month. I made this little contact card to take to my Sisters:

I was going to attach a magnent to the back of it so they could hang it on their fridge where they could see it all the time, but all I could find was $8 for a set of 25 business card magnents. I decided to just forget about it and take it to them with nothing on the back. I will have to make a new one that is a little better. This was a little too small, but it was a last minute thought thing. I decided right before I left the house to make it to give to them. It only took a few minutes, but I think it really shows. I will make a better one and find some magnents that aren't so expensive to put on the back.

It was so good to get out and get all my visits in. I didn't get as much accomplished today as I wish. I was wanting to go to the "Old Tyme Meat Shop" here in Belfield and get some meat. I really like our little town and want to support the local businesses. I think it is sooo cool to have a butcher shop and am excited to try the meat out. I need to get a bunch of hamburger and a good size pork shoulder roast. 

I have a coupon for a free powder minerals foundation from JC Penney's that I have been meaning to get since before Christmas, but just haven't been over to the mall with the coupon to get it. It's a 10 day supply and I have 3 coupons. Seeming how I am almost out of my Lancome powder foundation, it would be nice to get some for free. I probably can't use them allllll at once, but maybe. Depends on the employee working the counter.

I was able to get a few things done. I took Kooper to his doctor appointment. I took him in last week for a persistant cough that only comes at night when he lays down, and it turns out that he had a sinus infection that created a double ear infection. He put him on an antibiotic twice a day for a week and we went back in today for his 3 year checkup and a checkup on the infection. It turns out that the infection is getting better, but is still there. He gave him another 10 days of antibiotic and told us to come back in for another checkup! Boy is this getting expensive. I am glad that it's nothing more severe than a double ear infection, but every visit is a $25 copay then another $20 perscription and then we still get billed for what the insurance doesn't cover. Grrr... I am hoping that this either clears up fast, or that they just put tubes in his ears. I am thinking that that is what it's going to come down to anyway.

After the doctor visit, we went to visit one of the Sisters. Bless her heart, she is sick and thinks that she has Strep. I told her that I think that she is allergic to me. LOL Everytime we plan to meet, she is sick. She is such a sweetheart and I hope that she doesn't have strep and that whatever it is, she recovers quickly. After I  dropped off the message for her, I went to visit my other Sister. We had a good visit and after we left there, we went to drop off our old microwave to a new couple that moved from Rock Springs a couple of months ago. They are a wonderful family with 3 beautiful kids. They were on their way to North Dakota in their motorhome when it broke down on them in Casper I think. They were able to make it here, but have been living in a hotel for 2 months. Thankfully his work, BJ Services, paid for the hotel, but it is still expensive to take the family out to eat everyday. They just got into a beautiful 3 bedroom apartment, but didn't have anything as they have been living in their motorhome for quite some time. They lived in the KOA campground in Rock Springs for a long time. Bless their hearts, I feel for them. Having lived in the KOA ourselves for a few months, I know how much "fun" that isn't! I couldn't imagine have a 6, 5 and 3 year old to boot. And fortunatley, we were only in the motorhome in the KOA for a few months. Kooper had soooo much fun playing with them. We were there for about 1 1/2 hours. He CRIED and CRIED and CRIED when we had to leave. He didn't want to go. He wanted to stay at their house. I told him we would have to visit them again soon..... very soon.

We made a quick stop to Walmart... ick... then headed home. We made some Chicken Alfredo for dinner... Koopers favorite. Right in the middle of dinner, Darin came home.

All in all, we had a great day. A busy busy busy day, but a great day. Hopefully tomorrow I can make it down to the butchers shop. I also need to go to the post office and talk to them about putting up a mailbox again. I talked to them last month, and they said we could put it up across the street, but there is an undeveloped park across the street, and I don't know that I want my mailbox there. Not that there is going to be a park there anytime in the near future, but eventually there may be one, and if there is ever going to be one, I don't want my mailbox to be tampered with by anyone visiting the park. Anyhow, I am sure that when they develop the park, they would make us move it anyway, so I am going to talk to them to see if we can put a mailbox on the front of the house. I think I would like that better than having it out on the road anyway. We have gotten quite a bit of snow and I don't particulary like the thought of having to dig out my mailbox LOL.

Lets hope for a productive tomorrow and that we can put a mailbox on the front of the house. I am thinking there is hope because there are a few other houses in the area that have their mailbox on the front of their house, but who knows. I guess we shall find out tomorrow! Maybe!

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