January 9, 2010

Visiting Teaching handouts

I have been HORRIBLE at Visitng Teaching since we moved. In Rock Springs, I wasn't great, but I at least went once in a while. Well, okay, I was actually pretty good about it. I think there was really only a couple times I didn't get everyone visited. I had an awesome partner and we visited some awesome ladies.

I have no partner here, but I only have two ladies. I haven't even met one of them. I have been so lazy that I haven't even called to see how she is or if there is anything that she needs. The other, I have seen at church functions and have visited with her a couple of times and left cookies for her, but I have been so lazy that I haven't technically got it done.

I decided that if I made these little handouts, maybe I would be more excited about getting it done. It's fun to give people something, so hopefully this will end my lazy streak and I will get 100% this year! Heres hoping big!

Anyhow, here is a what I made. It's two little handouts that are a little smaller than a 1/2 a page. One has the visiting teaching message and another has a small FHE object lesson to go along with the message. This is so neat because it's kinda 2 in 1 thing. I get the VT message plus a cordinating FHE lesson done all at once and it's a bonus for them too because they get it too! They don't have to plan a lesson. Well, kinda anyhow. The basics are there, they still have to plan the rest of it. I am hoping that this really kicks me into gear. I love visiting teaching and miss it dearly. So... wish me the best! And feel free to steal this if you would like to give it to your VT ladies! Just right click and select save as and enjoy! It prints both on one sheet of paper. You will have to cut them out.


  1. Well I think you were a pretty awesome partner too!!! I have to admit, since October I have really slacked off....I have a new partner but have not been able to get ahold of her and have not seen anyone this month yet...Man I need to get my butt in gear!!!!! Miss you tons!!!!

  2. I sure miss all of our Sisters too. I made Red Velvet cake balls to take to two new families with the Relief Society President on our welcome to the Branch visit and it made me think of all of the Sisters in RS. Will you be sure to tell them hello for me next time you call or visit them. I have been meaning to call them and just tell them hello. I may have to get their phone numbers from you. I miss you too. Sounds like I may just have to come visit and kick you into gear... LOL