January 25, 2010

Snow Day

Woke up this morning about 6 am to Darin talking. I heard two words... car and stuck. My first thoughts... WHY would you try going anywhere in your car in this blizzard mess? It was nasty last night and it didn't exactly sound any better this morning and I hadn't even "woke up" yet. I laid in bed for a few seconds more only to wonder if I was dreaming. Darin wasn't in the room or even in the house for that matter. Had he gone to work? Was I dreaming? Or did he just give up on talking to me and go back outside as I was dead tired from being up so late last night? I decided I had better get up and check just to make sure. If it was a dream, I could always get back into bed. Well... I wasn't dreaming. I decided I had better get up and get dressed and go help him. I put my snowmobile attire on (thank heavens for face masks) and walked outside to see his car in the driveway still and my Durango gone. I walked to the other end of the house only to find it buried in snow.

Darin was trying to get it out and was almost done. I got another shovel out of the shed and started to help him dig. Luckily, I didn't have to dig for long, Darin had been outside digging for about 30 min prior to coming inside to warm up. I was only outside for about 15 or 20 min and I was just about frozen.

Darin called his work and they told him to call back in an hour and check in. We came into the house and looked at the road report and pretty much the whole state of North Dakota was dotted red... No Travel Advised. He had been sent home "early" the day before. By early I mean he was home by 6 pm instead of 9 pm. So I was pretty sure that since it was worse today than it was yesterday that he wouldn't be working.

It was great to have him home for the day. We just hung out and had some good "family time". I got nothing accomplished today that I had planned and it was great. The house was scattered with toys and the sink is full of dishes (not normal for me... I have been REALLY good about always having a tidy house before bed) but today, the rules didn't apply. I will be going to bed tonight with a sink full of dishes. I did get everything else cleaned up, but decided that the dishes could wait till tomorrow. Today was just a family snow day... and it was the BEST day ever!

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