January 25, 2010

Kooper and cartoons...

The other day, I told Kooper he could watch Mickey Mouse Club House, but only one episode then he had to go play or do something other than watch TV. He was glued to the screen the whole time, like usual. Then when they started singing the goodbye song at the end, he got up, put his hand out as if to say STOP and in a dead serious voice said... "NO don't say bye! No bye's... no Mickey... NO! NO! NO! no bye no bye no bye!"

I wish I would have had my phone handy and been able to get it on video. It was THE cutest thing I have seen him do for a while. He really likes to watch Little Einsteins, Handy Manny, Mickey Mouse Club House and Special Agent Oso. I think his favorite is Special Agent Oso, but Mickey Mouse Club House is right up there too. He really likes Shaun the Sheep which is a 5 min cartoon that comes on right after Mickey Mouse Club House. I have to admit, they are pretty cute, I quite enjoy watching them too.

The little 5 min cartoons are my favorite I think. They have a few little 5 min cartoons that they rotate. Some are the Shaun the Sheep, Lightning McQueen and Handy Manny's School for Tools. We watched one about Lightning McQueen and Mater today. Mater was Rescute Firefighter Mater and saved Lightning from a burning building and then was his doctor too. I won't bore you with the details, but they are super cute. I get my daily laughing in watching them. Good for the soul!

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