January 7, 2010

New background

Well, a new season is among us and so it is time for another new background. I came across this blog http://www.summertimedesigns.blogspot.com/ by Summer Driggs and I loved her Believer kit. I wanted something that still represented winter in a way, but was full of colors. When I saw this, I knew it was just what I was looking for.

Summer is a wonderful digital scrapbook kit artists and has TONS of freebies on her website. you should really make sure that you check her out. She does lots of charity kits for needy families. Everything is free but donations are accepted to be given to the needy families. How awesome is that!

So, since fall is long and gone with, so is my fall background. Hopefully this one will be updated again for Valentines day quicker than my fall was updated for winter. *Hopefully* If not, oh well! :o)

1 comment:

  1. Great background..I finally posted on my blog and changed up my background too..I'm just lazy and not as talented as you so copied of cuteasablog website...LOL