January 1, 2010

Looking Back....

I have been going through some pictures on my external hard drive. I literally have thousands of pictures and they are just sitting there.... I would like to do something with them. I need to organize them..... some day... Today is NOT that day. I don't even know where to begin there are so many of them. I have backed most all of them up. The most recent I have on the computer as well as the external hard drive. Anything older than 2008 I have on the EHD and on cd. Not exactly the best backup as it could get scratched and the EHD could crash, but I don't have enough room on the computer to hold all of them.

Anyhow, enough of my ramblings. I thought that I would share a few of my favorites with you. I have a really hard time going through a lot of these as many of them are pictures of my Mom, or pictures that she took. Christmas day was the 3 year anniversary of her passing. I miss her so so so so much. I know that she is in a wonderful place, but I still miss her dearly. It was just so unexpected and shocking. AHHH... anyhow, before I start crying and cant finish this post, here are a few of my favorite pictures:

My handsome husband standing by his old 1985 Chevy in Idaho Falls
My handsome nephew Wyatt playing with the golf set he just got from Grandma Rigby

Me and my Mom in front of Dad's Semi

The angel statue in my Mom's back yard garden
A picture of a rose from my Mom's rose garden in the front yard.
A picture of the fog on our trip to Cottonwood, ID
Katie getting covered in foam snow by Wyatt and Reece Christmas of 2005. WHAT A MESS!!! But they had fun!
Darin and I. I love him!
Reece and his doll. Every little boy should have a doll. I love this picture so much.
Mom's house in Idaho Falls. She loved this house so much!
Mom and Dad in Yellowstone
This is a picture of me Christmas day 2006 two days before Kooper was born. Sorry for the sad look. I'm tired, my Mom passed away earlier that day and I'm 41 weeks pregnant. Wow was I huge or what!
Kooper and Darin right after he was born.
Darin and his Harley
Rare photo of Kooper sucking his thumb. He only sucked his thumb for a little while, but it was soooo cute! However, I am glad he no longer sucks his thumb. Even though it was adorable.
Kooper and his Sister Abbie at Kooper's first birthday party.
I love this picture of Kooper on Grandpa Tom's lawn mower. Darin just gave my my birhtday present a few days early. A Canon Digital Rebel and I was testing it out!
Couldn't resist taking this photo. This is one of my all time favorite photos. I love the colors.
My beautiful cousin Jamie on her wedding day.
Spencer Paul Rigby. My 3rd handsome nephew.
Kooper kissing Spencer... awww how sweet.
Grandpa Tom and Kooper. Kooper is trying to take his watch off. I think he was doing a pretty good job too.
Cousins... Wyatt, Reece, Kooper and Spencer.
I think this is my hands down favorite phot that I have taken. I love the Idaho Falls Temple. It is just absolutely beautiful.
My Grandpa and Grandma Martin and Dog (the dog's name is Dog)...


  1. I loved looking at all the old photos, i still remember the last time i saw your mom in the Walgreen's in if and she was a amazing woman, hope you have a happy new year.

  2. Smiles
    Are small
    From God!

    I'm glad to see you have so many of them in your family photos! God has sent you many thoughts!

    Fog is His way of
    Reminding us to slow down.

    Great set of pix!

  3. Those are some great pics with some great memories! Thanks for sharing!

  4. It was so fun to see your pictures. I loved your mom! I have organized my pictures by years and inside the year folder is each month. I have also started printing my pictures in books which is really nice. My pages aren't as nice as your but I do have a name and a date on the picture which is the best I have done so far. Thanks for sharing!