January 15, 2010


Okay, so I admit it, I am a blogaholic! I LOVE to read blogs. I go from one persons blog endulging on the information and then click on their links only to be diverted to another persons blog and so forth and so forth. I came across this blog today... How, I was on my blog and selected the next blog feature... love love love this feature... thanks blogger! I often select this and find many new and interesting reads.

So back to this blog that I came across. I love the idea of living simpler. Not being so "dependant" on stores and technology... ok, well... I love technology too much to not be dependant on it... but I do love the idea of simplifing and going more natural and green. When I cam across this blog choosing simplicity, more than survival! http://choosingsimplicity.blogspot.com/ I was immediatley intrigued and started delving into the pages.

I don't know that I am brave enough to try some of these, but I just might. It's like she says, your not out much, but you have the possibilities to save a bunch so why not! I thought I would share with my readers the information that I found.

Homemade liquid dishwasher soap
She has a link to another blog, http://www.simplemom.net/ about going "poo" free - Shampoo that is :o)
and how to clean your face naturally - this is one I think I will try for sure. I really like this idea.
Here is another link she had to http://mamasfixins.blogspot.com/ on how to make vanilla yogurt.
She also has a BUNCH of great sounding recipes and a lot of inspirational and simple living ideas. It's a good read. So if you get a chance, check it out.

So, I am off to find more new blogs to read. Ta ta for now!

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