December 13, 2009

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

We are fortunate enough to live close to another National Park. This time, we are only 15 miles from Madora, which is home to Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Here are some pictures from our trip on November 28th. We had a really good time.

We stopped at the visitor center and Kooper had to get a toy. We bought him this finger puppet butterfly. It is pretty cool. When you put it on your finger and move it up and down, the wings flap like a real butterfly. He thinks it's pretty cool when Mom makes it land on hs head.

 Here are a couple pictures of the Badlands

 Here is a picture of Kooper and Darin walking up one of the trails.

Finally made it to the top. Brrrr... it was COLD!!! The wind was blowing so much at the top of the trail. It was hard to believe that the wind could blow that much of a difference on just a little climb!
We didn't stay on the top very long. Kooper was too cold to walk down by himself. Dad had to carry him.

We saw a few deer on the way. There were more bucks than does. We saw about 4 bucks on the right side of the road and one quickly crossed the road to be with a doe on the right side of the road.

In the first picture, you can see three of the bucks that we saw on the left side of the road and below that are two pictures of the buck that crossed the road to be with the doe.

We rolled down the window so Kooper could see them and he kept saying "Hi Deer!!! Hi Deer!!!"

Here is Kooper showing me his "MAD" face... LOL. I love it! Whenever he gets really mad, he makes this face. He wasn't mad in this picture, I just asked him to show me his "Mad" face! What a little character. He does it much better when he is truly mad, but I don't ever seem to be able to catch the true mad face!

Here is another shot of the park on our way out. We were on the road and I took this in the car looking out the front windshield, so it didn't capture exactly what I wanted, but it's still a beautiful shot.

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