December 5, 2009

Super Saturday and Christmas decorations

Today Kooper and I went to Super Saturday at the Church. These are the two projects we completed.

Here is a Family Home Evening board. It has 7 pegs with Song, Prayer, Scripture, Lesson, Activity, Prayer and Treat above each peg. There are also 7 tags to hang from the pegs that can be decorated, but I didn't get to them. I don't know what I will do with all 7 of them, I will just leave them blank for now until I come up with a good idea for them.
You can't really tell from the picture, but I put a green base coat then topped it with the red and distressed it. I wish I would have put two or three coats of the green so when I distressed it, it showed a little more, but thats ok. I really like the way it turned out.

These were my favorite part. They are clear glass blocks that have a hole drilled in them then I put a strand of 100 lights in each and then decorated them with wire Christmas ribbon. I didn't have quite enough ribbon to make them look like they were supposed to turn out, so I will probably get some better ribbon when I get  a chance. Can't complain for only a buck each roll though. They turned out very nice. I really like them. They do however get hot and can't be plugged in for long periods of time. I had them plugged in for about 4 hours and they were very warm. But I still love them. I did one red one blue and one multi colored. They look like little presents.

Here is a close up.

Here they are under the Christmas tree.

And here is a picture of Kooper's favorite holiday decoration so far this year. It's a Christmas display that has fiberoptic lights that change colors and ice skaters that go round and round. Tom and Karen got it for Darin and I a couple years ago. Kooper loves to turn it on and watch the lights change colors and the skaters go round and round. He especially likes it when I turn on the music too. Although the music is pretty loud, so we don't turn the music on much.

Here it is changing colors from white to red. I caught it in mid change.

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