October 16, 2009

No news makes for a boring blog!

I really don't have anything new to write on here, but feel..... whats the right word here..... awkward, I guess... I have nothing to update you all (my one follower... thanks Nikki, you make me feel loved!). But I felt like sharing that I have no news.

WAIT.... HOLD THE PHONE........... I just remembered... I DO HAVE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Shar had her baby... a little girl 6lbs 9oz.

Ok, thats all I have. I know nothing but the weight and that it's a girl.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I will hopefully have more news soon to update my poor pathetic rantings with. Hopefully it will be a date.... for the house!

Until then............


  1. Kristen, you have more followers than that, we just follow on Google Reader! :O) Any news is better than NO news, It gives us a good reason to check out your blog :O) For the record, I CHECK YOUR BLOG EVERY TIME YOU UPDATE :O) so you keep on updating

  2. You have more followers than just one...I check you out almost every other day! I think your non update was cute..I have been thinking of doing something similar...guess I will just wait to post halloween pics! Take care....

  3. Well thanks you guys, I was just kidding really. Honestly, my blog is more of my journal of our life as I am not much of journal keeper and I have a very short memory. So it's as much of a memory keeper for me as it is a chance to let everyone know what were up to.