September 18, 2009

Mr. Fix it!

The other day, I finally fixed the A/C in the Durango. About mid May or the beginning of June, my fan quit working in the Durango. Dad had the same problem in his Durango that is only a few years older than mine, and it was his resistor. He checked it out for me, but it didn't really look like it was the same problem. Especially since his still worked on low but not on high and mine wasn't working at all. So we thought maybe it was the fan motor. So I broke down and decided that I would take the motor off and test it. I took it off and hooked it up to the battery and to my surprise, it worked. So I was a little unsure if I should try replacing the resistor or not as it's a non-returnable item and I didn't really want to spend any more than I absolutley had to and I wasn't sure how much a resistor would be. I called the parts store and they said they didn't have any in but could order one and they were about $14. Cheaper than what I had expected, I was thinking they were about $50 to $100. I then called the dealership and to my surprise, they not only had one in stock, but it was actually CHEAPER than the parts store!!!! I picked it up for only $8! I tried it and guess what..... It worked! So I finally have A/C and will have a heater this winter too. Thankfully, Kooper has had A/C in the back as it was only the front that went out, but I sure wish I would have fixed it earlier as it has been pretty warm even with the windows down!

Here is a picture of my little fix-it! He loves to help me with any and everything. Kooper just had to "help" me undo the bolts under the dash. All said and done the only thing he helped with, was loosing the 8mm socket that I needed to reattatch the bolts. Luckily, we have several socket sets at our house! We never did find the missing socket either!

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