September 15, 2009

The Dam Park!

Here are some pictures of the pond/park that is just a few blocks down from where our new house will be.
Grandma, this picture is for you! :o)
Here are some pictures of the pond. It extends more to the left, but I didn't get many pictures of it. It is about 3 times wider than it is long, It has about 5 little "dock" areas, but only one has a dock like below. The rest are little "island finger" type docks.
Here is a picture of a small dragon fly that I saw, I started taking pictures of it and it started flying around the camera. I think it really liked having it's picture taken. I wish I would have been able to take some pictures of it flying around the lens, but it moved to quick for me to get a focused picture. I wasn't quick enough to switch the setting on my camera. I wasn't even expecting to take a picture of it, it just happened to fly by and land when I was on my way up the dock.
Here are some little fishes that were hanging out by the side of the dock looking for some food!
Here are some turtles that were sunbathing on a log. Apparently this is where they hang out all the time. There were about four of them but they jetted as soon as they heard me coming.... I was even trying to be very very quiet. They are smart! They don't risk anything. Someone must have tried to catch them at some point because I wasn't able to get anywhere near them. I had to crop these photos so you could even see them!

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