September 15, 2009

A Classic

So Darin wanted to get Kooper a race car track. We went to Walmart and we were going to buy a set of about 10 Hot Wheel cars and a case, then we were going to get a Nascar Dale Jr. track, but we decided to go with a Thomas the Train track thing.

We got it home, set it up and both Darin and I didn't like it. Kooper liked it, but it didnt' work well. So I took it back and got the Nascar track. Got it home, uuugghhh.... didn't like it either.

So today, I finally returned the Nascar track and decided to stick with the classic Hot Wheels. For the money we spent on the train, I would have been able to buy two Nascar tracks. The Nascar set was lame, it wouldn't only run for about 2 minutes before it needed charged again. Granted you only had to charge it for 90 seconds, but that totally defets the purpouse of buying him a toy to play with....

For the money, I was able to buy TWO Hot Wheels sets, one was on sale from $14.00 to $5.00 (SWEET) and then I was able to buy eleven cars to go with it AND a carry case for the cars... AND I also got him a Lightning McQueen car.

I got it home and set it up and he LOVES it... Better yet, I am able to do something and not have to charge a car or fix a train or something stupid.

Should have known better than to stray away from the classics!
The set is a Fire Station that has a opening garage, gas station with car lift, rising bridge and of course the fire station. The second larger set is Seaport Village. It has a seaside aquarium, a rising bridge, a drive-thru bank, opening garage with 3rd level parking a car launcher and a ferryboat that holds up to six cars. The ferry boat goes under the rising bridges and you can put it next to any of the roads to load the cars. You can mix and match them all as they connect to eachother. There is a Police Station that was out of stock that I will have to look for to go with it too.

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