August 25, 2009

House Plans

I put Kooper to bed and was working on the layout of the house for the building permit, when I heard him coughing and went in to check on him only to see that he was throwing up his dinner. He doesn't have a fever and didn't really act sick. Earlier he came up to me and said mom... belly owie, but didn't really think much of it, just asked him if he was ok periodically.

So I cleaned the sheets off the bed and put him in the bathtub, Darin put new sheets on the bed and after his bath, I brought him in the living room and decided to work on the plans.

Here's how it works. We have to apply for a building permit in order to put the house on our land. In order to get the permit, you have to have an inspection. In order to get an inspection, you have to have a plan. So you are given this piece of paper that has a 4"x4" box and you are supposed to draw your plans up on there or on a seperate sheet of paper. Well... this is what I did.... a little more elaborate, but I had fun! =O)

This is what our house will look like on our land. And yes, I even added the house layout in there too.... Lots of time and a need to stay awake. Don't think I will get much sleep.... want to make sure Kooper doesn't throw up in his sleep.

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