August 26, 2009

Digging circles...

Here is a picture of the hole I dug today.... well okay, not really I just dug up dirt and put it in a new location... lol. I am trying to find the sewer line on our new lot. We just bought a piece of land in Belfield, and there is supposed to be a sewer line somewhere... I just have to find it. Unfortunatley, the line in plastic... therefore, we can't just bust out the metal detector and listen for the beeps :O(

So, I continue to dig in circles until I find the pipe.... if there really is one! Everyone I have talked to says the sewer is usually within 10 feet of the water.... that means I should only have to dig a 20 ft circle.... woohoo for me! Hopefully I will find it. This is how far I got today.... only took me two hours lol! But I also had to keep Kooper occupied while doing this. He is so cute... he wants to help dig so bad. Tomorrow I may take the plastic shovel and let him play a little bit.

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