July 24, 2009

A good day

Today was a really good day, I feel like I got a lot accomplished, when in reality I did very little! We slept in until 7:30 got up and stayed in the bedroom because it was sooo warm in the rest of the house and then... there was a knock at the door, it was the maintenance man, he came to tell me the people who install the central air are running behind so he was here to install a couple window mount remote controlled units. I think that's when the day just seemed to be great! I got most all the laundry done, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom, Koopers room, went to Walmart and only got what I intended on buying (I think I'm most proud of myself for that than anything), installed the antenna so we could watch our local channels we get a few but not all I will probably take this antenna back and get a little better one but what can you expect for only 10 bucks, made three cheese ravioli for dinner, I cleaned the oven and the drip pans on the stove (they were pretty nasty, supposidly the people only lived here for 3 months, other than them it's brand new, but the stove looked like it's 5 years old as dirty as it was, but it is new!) then Kooper and I went for a walk, Darin came home about the time we were almost home so I gave Kooper a bath while he heated himself up some dinner and wow that was my day! What a run-on sentance that is huh! So anyhow a good day! Hopefully tomorrow goes the same direction :)

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