June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

I took Darin fishing for Fathers Day today. We went to Fontenelle Dam and he caught a really nice sized brown. Took him out to dinner, not very good but dinner none the less, came home and tried to get Kooper to hold a worm, no luck he thinks their "gross". Shouldn't these roles be reversed?

We came inside and I gave him a bath when my Dad called. Darin was talking to him and said, "you'd better tell her, hold on" I said Grandma passed away huh!

I am saddened, but am glad that she is where she has been longing to be. What greater a gift for Grandpa Rigby than to have her "home" with him. Especially on Fathers Day.

I will miss you very much Grandma, thank you for all the wonderfull memories... Peas and potatoes, Vienna sausages, caramels, helping you milk cows, feeding calves, gathering eggs, microwave chicken sandwiches in the white ceramic bowls with the funky handle (I have never seen those anywhere but at your house!), the lilacs at Monteview, watching for hummingbirds, teaching me what the word "regurgitate" means (I was young and sick and she asked me if I had to regurgitate, I said no then seconds later threw up all over the couch, she said why did you just tell me no? I said you didn't ask if I had to throw up!), for the wonderful stories and many more memories. You will be dearly missed.

We love you Grandma! Tell Grandpa and Mom hello.

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