January 21, 2011

My Visiting Teaching Goals

During my visit, take a card to my sisters with my phone number on it (and a magnet on the back)

Meet with my sisters the second week of the month. Take them a Valentines treat for them and their children.

Meet with my sisters the first of the month. Make an extra call the last week.

Take my sisters fresh flowers when I visit.

Decorate a card with a thought on it that goes with this months visiting teaching message to leave with them.

When I visit them I will invite the sisters to do something with me, just as friends.

Take my sisters something patriotic.

Do my visiting teaching on the first or second day of the month.

Take the sisters a favorite recipe with some of the ingredients.

Take the sisters a pumpkin.

Visit in the first week of the month. Do a service for them another day, later on in the month (babysitting, cleaning, etc.)

Take the sisters some yummy baked goods.

I think all the things on this list could be very possible. My companion and I shouldn't have too much of a problem doing most all of these. Make a visiting teaching goal sheet for you and your companion too and put it somewhere you will see it often to motivate you to do your visiting teaching!

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