September 11, 2010

Visiting Teaching Circle

On a piece of paper make a circle shape with 16 pie wedges drawn. The LDS Relief Society seal goes in the middle.


2.Pin down a day to make your visits.
(Glue a pin in this wedge)

3.Give your sisters a ring to make an appointment
(tiny plastic ring)

4.Go with your companion
(draw two figures holding hands -- like paper dolls)

5.Make the lesson felt
(piece of felt)

6.Let your lesson shine
(birthday candle or anything shiny)

7.Increase in love
(anything heart shaped -- like valentine sticker)

8.Button your lip about personal matters

9.Keep an eye out for problems
(googlie eye)

10.You are the only 1 in the ward with 1-2-1 relationship

11.Make your visits short and sweet
(small piece of red licorice)

12.Be positive and friendly
(smiley face sticker or drawing)

13.Be a life saver
(lifesaver candy, also see Soulsaver wrappers)

14.You aren't finished until your report is handed in
(hand shape)

15.Go early in the month, don't make your sisters feel like the last straw
(tiny piece of drinking straw)

16.Contact President concerning problems.

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