September 9, 2010

The things kids say...

The other day, Kooper and I went to town to do a few errands. On the way into town, Kooper says to me:

Mommy, we have to go 3 places...
to the bank
to Walmart to get a toy
and then to the mall.

I told him we didn't have money to buy a new toy and he replied

"yes we do, thats why were going to the bank first!

Today we went into town to get a part for the semi and stopped to get one of our good friends Donna some flour. On the way home Kooper says to Darin; Daddy do you love Donna like I love Donna? Darin says I love Donna too, why do you love Donna? Kooper says, because she has games for me to play at her house! Darin told him we should just love one another because we are all God's children. But Kooper sure likes to play games at Donna's house and knows where ALL the games are :)

Later when we got home Darin told Kooper to take of his shoes. Kooper says I can't Daddy, I'm watching you. I've been watching you all week.

He is growing up so fast and says the funniest things.

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  1. That is too cute! It reminds me of the country song "I've been watching you".