September 30, 2010

scrapbook page

I am a procrastinator.... that being said, I have finally put one page together for the family scrapbook for my Grandparents. I have lots of scrapbook layouts that I have ready to be printed, but I procrastinated and didn't get any printed off and you can't just go down to the local store here and have a 12x12 page printed.
:( so, I actually traditionally paper scrapbooked. First time in many many many years, and it's not much, but this one is done. Now, I just need to get a recent picture of all of us together.... easier said than done. I know for a fact that the last pictures we had "taken" together was from well before last year before we even moved here.

So, until I get a picture taken or get some recent pictures of us all, I have one layout done. I figured since I already had my sewing machine out and a failed craft (well, not really failed, just didn't turn out like I wanted it to), I figured I would combine all these elements to create a cute page. I free hand stitched some lace fabric that I had painted/glued green with a straight stitch and then free handed the word love onto the paper. I then put a quilt stitch on the bottom of the lace, went around the paper with a decorative stitch, sewed the picture on then wrote a little something on it.

I wrote a few Nevers on there. It reads:

I never just went to Ace Hardware
only for a bag of popcorn,
I never was willing to give
someone my last bite,
I never planned on handling
someone elses boogers,
I never watched the same show
50 times in a row,
I never found rocks
in my dryer,
I never had the power to heal
a wound with my kiss,
until you.

I got the "never" idea from I am mom hear me roar. I really liked the way it all turned out. Not bad for "crafterhours" crafting :)

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