September 10, 2010

Kaleidoscope: Seeing God's Wit and Wisdom in a Whole New Night by Patsy Clairmont

I received this book to review from

Acclaimed author and Women of Faith speaker Patsy Clairmont causes womens' hearts to leap and their hopes to lift in this quirky, straight-to-the point look at the Proverbs.

In the Proverbs, God gives us small gems of hope and truth, and in Kaleidoscope of Proverbs, Patsy Clairmont unveils them for readers with her trademark humor and insightful teaching.

I tried several times to read it and just couldn't get into it. I did complete the book, but it felt hard at times for me to read.

I did find some of the material interesting and relatable, but I really struggled to want to pick it up and finish it.

It just seemed like I really had to force myslef to read it.

Overall it had good content, I felt it had too many analogies and seemed to drag on for me.

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