July 15, 2010

The Food Nanny

If you haven't ever watched The Food Nanny on BUYTV, you should. Liz Edmunds aka The Food Nanny, goes into peoples homes and teaches how to make dinnertime a success rather than a nightmare.

She has great tips, tricks and meals to get everyone around the dinner table. It's a good show and an actual reality show I will watch.

You can read more about her by going to her website at http://www.thefoodnanny.com/. Make sure you take a look. You won't be sad you did. You may be there a while :)

I love the new beta Nanny Plan that you can sign up for free.

This is an awesome service. You need to know a little background about her to understand it. Basically, she says that you have to have a plan in order for dinnertime to be a success. How many of us have thought about what to have for dinner thirty minutes before dinnertime, or the what's for dinner, I'm hungry question and you haven't even thought about it yet. I know I've been there several times. So, her idea is if you have a 2 week meal plan, you don't have to scramble and be all hectic about what you are going to make for dinner because you already know.

She makes it fun by giving every night a "theme" of your choice. So say Monday is Italian night, Tuesdays Mexican, Wednesday Fish and meatless, Thursday Comfort food, Fridays pizza night..... you get the idea.

Well, she just started this new beta Nanny plan that I mentioned earlier. It's so cool. You can log in.... for free.... and set up what you want the theme for your week to be, or no theme at all, but then she provides recipes that you drag and drop onto your weekly meal plans and you can print the recipes out and waalaa... you now have dinner for two weeks and then you can easily create your shopping list and get what you need all in one shot. No more wondering what's for dinner. And say it's Tuesday and you are supposed to have tacos but you aren't feeling like tacos, have something else on the plan and rearrange it a little.

Anyhow, go to http://www.thefoodnanny.com/ and click on the red Beta link and check it out. You will be pleasantly surprised.

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