June 23, 2010

Summer proof...

Summer is here and we have been outside soaking it in as much as possible. We have been fishing almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Kooper has been riding his bike and his new 4-wheeler and has been loving being outside kicking his ball across the yard weeds.

Here is a picture of Kooper's mosquito bites from a few days ago. The mosquitos leave dime sized bites. They don't seem to bother him, which is a good thing, but they got Darin good and so he sprayed the yard with some Cutter lawn and yard spray. Seems to have worked pretty good.

You can also see Koopers scraped knee. He fell yesterday and scraped them both up again.

And what else do you see in this picutre?!?!?! UNDERWEAR!!!! YAY! Kooper is FINALLY potty trained completely!

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