May 3, 2010


So, it's been a little bit since I have posted, so I thought that I would finally do a little updating.

Kooper had his surgery and had a good recovery. He was such a trooper through the whole thing. It took him a couple of weeks to recover, but he is feeling good and I think he has more energy now.

Kooper has been loving the nice weather and is always wanting to be outside. It has been a little chilly still and the past few days we have had rain, snow and it's been windy so he hasn't been able to go outside as much as he would like.

Some funy Kooper moments:

I gave Kooper some gummy bears and asked him what colors he was eating. He said yellow, green, Mom, I don't know this color and red. I asked him what one he didn't know... It was the clear one.

Kooper was laying in bed the other night and Darin had been tickleing him but wasn't anymore. Kooper started laughing and said... stop, that tickles. Darin asked him what tickled and lifted up the covers only to find Kooper tickleing himself.

Kooper was tickleing Darin at the table during lunch today and Darin got some goose bumps on his arm. He was showing them to Kooper and Kooper said Dad, you have goose kumps LOL we corrected him to goose bumps, but then just started calling them goose pumps. LOL.

Well, hopefully I will be a little better at posting a little more often. Don't hold your breath though!

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